HIQ Introduces Viscose Closures Ltd


Viscose Closures Limited


Hospitality Innovations by Quorate Inc. is the authorised ‘Introductory Agent’ for Viscose Closures Ltd in the Philippines. 

Viscose is regarded as one of the leading UK players in the caps, closures, seals and sleeving markets. With over 100 years’ experience, Viscose is known for their manufacturing expertise and exceptional customer service. 

The products manufactured by Viscose Closures Ltd include shrink sleeves, Viskrings or Celons, caps and closures, capsules, corks, tamper evident film and Ion exchange cellulose media. See summary and links to Viscose website below.

We encourage you to view the eco-friendly tamper proof sleeves. Viscose Closures Ltd is the only manufacturer to offer compostable tamper evident sleeves called Viskrings (Celons). These plastic free products are 100% compostable and there is a video below showing the sleeves decompose. Viskrings are important to the Philippines as we all focus efforts on removing single use plastic from the country wherever possible. The plant based compostable products provide an opportunity for the Filipino food, beverage, medical and other manufacturers of all sizes to make a serious difference.  

HIQ will pleased to assist you with your initial interest in any of the Viscose product range and arrange a meeting with you to demonstrate the products. We will introduce your requirement to Viscose Closures in the UK for their follow up with the commercial quotation and processing your order. Alternatively, contact Viscose directly through their website where all the details are found.

How to remove plastic around bottle tops

Why use Viscose

Viscose supplies and manufacturers, Plastic closures – Sports Caps, Flat Caps, Aluminium closures, Crowns,  Capsules in PVC & Polylaminate, Shrink Sleeves, Secondary seal tamper evidence, Filling and capping machinery to all around the world and has a company history of over 100 years.


Putting the customer first

Viscose always puts the customer first. We are a business that recognises that our customers will always choose to work with an organisation with whom they can develop a relationship, someone to partner and someone that is committed to providing quality product and exceptional customer service. This is why our customers use Viscose for tamper proof seals and closures. 

Viscose Closures video of Viskring decomposing over time

If you are looking for a #plasticfree tamper evidence solution and unsure if these work, then this is the video for you. Watch Viscose Closures environmentally friendly tamper proof sleeve decomposing #Sustainability #Tamperproof

Viskrings, yes they are amazing!

Viskrings also known as Celons

The Celons / Viskrings are unique as Viscose Closures are the only manufacturers in the world. They are environmentally friendly tubular bands of cellulose, contained in a preservative solution. Apply wet and use as a secondary tamper seal, hide fill lines, acts as tamper proof and enhances your brand. Apply by hand, shrinks in the natural environment (up to 30% its original size), dries and results in a smooth, perfect professional finish.

Perfect solution for heat sensitive products such as perfume, whisky and any other highly flammable liquids.

How Are Viskring / Celons Made?

Viskrings / Celons are made from extruded cellulose that originates from wood pulp derived from renewable resources.

100% biodegradable, once discarded in soil takes up to 6 weeks – this has been verified by the university of Swansea 2015 and can be seen in the video.

  Some of the benefits of Viskrings:

· Secure and wrinkle free seal.

· Ideal tamper evidence solution.

· Stops counterfeiting acts as a sealant.

· Enhances appearance of a product.

· Gives a professional finish.

· No need to invest in heavy equipment – Hand Applied

· Shrinks easily around awkward shapes.

· Can be applied around plastic, metal, glass.

· Environmentally friendly.

· Bio-degradable.

· Prevents evaporation.

· Eliminates dust, dirt & dampness.

· Perfect for heat sensitive products.

Viskrings are available in different colours and can be printed. Additional security features not possible with plastics sleeves are also possible.

Diametre size 12mm to 119mm.


Viskrings eco-friendly tubular bands for the Philippines Food, Drink, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Viskrings eco-friendly tubular bands for the Philippines Food, Drink, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Contact HIQ Philippines about Viscose Closure products

We are pleased to assist you with your initial enquiry. We can send you further details about your application and visit to show samples. Send us a message see our contact details.

Other Viscose Closure products

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

Used as a medium for Ion exchange chromatography resin which, for example, can be used in the ‘Protein Extraction / Recovery Process’.

The extraction of protein from solution by means of Ion exchange chromatography, for the recovery and production of high purity, undenatured, functional protein from Cheese Whey, abattoir waste and other waste streams containing valuable proteins, enzymes etc.

Tamper Evidence Film

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

Used as a tamper evidence for Vitamin bottles.

Health and Vitamin bottle sizes






Caps and Closures

ION Exchange Cellulose Media

Caps and Closures

Viscose supply a wide range of Aluminium ROPP Closures.  Non-refillable & long skirted closures for wine & spirits, soft drinks & water, pharmaceuticals and food. Aluminium ROPP closures are suitable for alcoholic, non alcoholic, still, carbonated and hot fill. 

Viscose also supply Crown caps, Flat plastic caps and plastic sport caps.


Shrink Sleeves

Caps and Closures

 Viscose supply a range of synthetic and natural corks. Various sizes and printing options available.


Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves

Viscose provide a range of capsule including Heat Shrink,Polylamite and Tin capsules

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves

Viscose Closures Ltd is the longest established shrink sleeve producer in the UK. Used to protect, promote or decorate your products