About Ecopure Waters International

Branded Glass bottle water filtration and bottling plant. Ecopure Waters in The Philippines.

Removing plastic bottles in The Philippines one Hotel at a time.

Hospitality Innovations by Quorate is the  exclusive representative and distributor of EcoPure Waters International Ltd.  With over 25 years experience, Mr Jack Shirley-Beavan,  Managing Director of this UK based Company, has installed over 200 system worldwide. Ecopure Waters International Ltd pure water and bottling system is ideal for beach resorts, city hotels and food and beverage outlets.

The Ecopure Waters International system consists of a bottle steriliser, a water filteration board and bottle filling system. It will not need a lot of room but will transform the operation of supplying guests purifed water in their rooms, in F&B outlets and when attending meetings or events at your property.

The Philippines is adopting a very positive approach to removing single use plastic bottles that are in use and the Hotel Industry is pioneering that drive. 

Contact Hospitality Innovations by Quorate so you can start removing plastic from The Philippines today. We will send you more details, make a presentation and provide a quotation.  

When we provide a quotation, we review your typical room set up and F&B water usage so we can propose the correct solution. A great advantage is the system is totally modular and can be scaled up as demand increases. We design the size and type of plant you will require based on your water volume throughput. Then we calculate how many of the beautiful branded glass bottles you will require, and the tough crates to store and distribute the bottles. Finally we suggest which of our two options for a bottle washer is most appropriate. Both bottle washers sterilise the bottles with hot water only without the need for any chemicals. 

Ecopure Waters help design your branded glass water bottles, or you can provide your own design.

Plastic bottle found on a beach in the Seychelles. Remove plastic bottles from THe Philippines

The removal of single use plastic bottles is important for The Philippines.

There are great initiatives in The Philippines to reuse or recycle plastic bottles, however sadly many will make their way into the Sea and have a detrimental impact to the environment and the marine life.

Glass Branded bottles for Still and Sparkling water for the hospitalitiy market

Using branded glass water bottles with your logo with the Ecopure system is a viable alternative.

The Ecopure Waters International system allows you to sterilise and fill you own branded glass bottles with  pure Still or Sparkling water. A great guest experience and Eco-friendly product. 

EcoPure Waters Video

This is a video from Ecopure Waters in the UK, provides a great example of how this system can benefit hotels and F&B outlets in The Philipines.